Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy 7th Anniversary

 Happy Anniversary!"

Being the great cook he is, Mike cooked this wonderful meal for me and we invited Tracy, Joan and Victoria to have dinner with us on the deck since it was all of our day off. Mike and me aren't to fond of pictures so we escaped this photo hee-hee! I just wanted to make sure I got a shot of the lovly meal Mike prepared for us, nice no?

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I'm a little late in posting these pictures, there from our BBQ/cookout we had last family day. Andre built a camp fire in the back yard and the kids got to roast hotdogs and marshmallows, while Simon grilled some hamburgers on the deck and we all enjoyed a wonderful feast.

Mike and Tracy enjoying their food after playing some ball
Jazz tired after a long day and some good food

Shawn chowing down his hotdog

He has such a beautiful smile no?
Devin seemed to like his marshmallows half burnt and half raw
I think Andre looks rougedly cute in this photo

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Two peas in a pod

Resently Devin and Kay-Lee have begun playing these "daddy and mommy" games together and their conversations make for some pretty funny listening. I could just picture Mike and myself having this same discussion....

Kay-Lee: Here we are at the hotel

Devin: Which bed should the kids go on?

Kay-Lee: I need to put the baby to sleep, he's crying (makes crying noises)

Devin: Sweetie poo, can I wrestle with the kids?

Kay-Lee: Well ok, just don't hurt them

Devin begins to throw the stuffed animals (children) in the air and shake them around.

Kay-Lee: Hunny you need to stop, your being to rough with the kids!

Such a mother's heart no? ha! Well, I'm happy they keep each other company and they have a lot of fun together. I really enjoy taking care of them, such sweeties!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Kid fun

Here's the kids at "snake lake" as they've named it. It really is nothing more the a mud filled pond with all sorts of yucky creepy crawlys living therein. (Mother's worse nightmare ha!) But there's a little boat that they like to ride in and they have fun exploring the area with the teens.

Since Tracy arrived the kids have enjoyed learning to play soccer, they have these big games in the afternoon and play for hours. It's a great way to get out their energy and I've noticed Devin sleeping better at night...yeay!

What was Devin thinking here I don't know. But I thought it was a good shot taken by one of the teen girls. "Watch out Devin! Here comes Tracy!"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

more pictures

Here's my 1st grade group! Aren't the precious....

.....or are they...hmmm...yes my little angels are rascals too

Aime and Kay-Lee...aren't they to cute?
Fun in the sun

Saturday, March 10, 2007


We have some new faces around here, their so cute and funny. Here's Katrina being the motherly 10 yr. old that she is.

Kids jumping rope...they are having so much more fun now that there's more kids to play with

James playing soccer

Beautiful Kay-Lee

Girls having fun outside
Here comes the crazyness....

..."you talking about me?"

Yes...and you too!

Friday, March 09, 2007

In full bloom

Things have been so busy around here lately I haven't had time to get on and blog. We've been having a lot of changes with the arrival of Tracy and Joan, working out new schedules, arranging school groups, people trying to find their "knack", working out who's doing what and when. It's all very crazy but exciting. I'm so glad to have them here! Things have started to settle down a bit now and I've been getting back in the groove of teaching with an extra pupil...Kay-Lee who's 5. Devin is very happy to have someone else in the class and they get along great, it's so cute to see them work and play together.
Also I've been feeling a lot better (thank you for keeping me in our prayers) and have begun to really enjoy spring time, I go outside and the trees are in full bloom, the grass is growing and it's nice and warm
. So beautiful! Here's a few shots of our trees and flowers. I need to enjoy this weather while it lasts as it gets SOooooo very hot here in the summer, so these days are very enjoyable.