Friday, March 27, 2009

For Kizzy

I had hoped to say a few farewell words for dear Kizzy earlier this week but was waiting for some pictures. But since it's getting late I will say them now and the pictures will have to follow later.
Kizzy let me know today that she has arrived safe and sound in her new abode. She's happy as one can be with the warm sun and beautiful weather that she's been yearning for all winter. We were all blessed up here that she even graced us with her cheerful continence and sweet demeanor and she will always be remembered and in our hearts now that she is gone. I admire her dedication to her job.....always cooking away or planning on cooking or talking about cooking, whatever it was day or was cooking. It was hard to make her stop, even on her going away party....I arrived to find....yes she's in the kitchen making snacks for her going away party, now that's what I call hard core! I'm glad we got to hang out before you left Kiz, had lots of fun playing pool and talking, though I forgot I was going to buy you a tequila shot! Oh time we meet I owe you one! Wishing you the best in your new place....know your gonna have fun. Please know that you will be missed! And for all you down there....take care of our dear Kizzy!

More pictures to come!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My get away

I have this picture on my desktop because when I see it I can picture myself there, total relaxed after having a body massage, breathing in the fresh ocean air, and taking in the scenery before me. I need get away sometimes from the hubbub of active work life and slip away to that peaceful place where I can think on all the good things in my life. It's such a lifesaver when the cares of this life get to you and you feel yourself stretched out to thin. Just close your eyes for a few moments throughout the day and take some deep breathes,  It's so refreshing!

Friday, March 20, 2009

March break fun

For this spring break we were able to do some fun activities with the kids. There's so much to do with them here that I have lots of ideas for the summer...should be fun! We went to an IMAX "under the sea" show, narrated by Jim Carey himself!!! You can imagine how thrilled I was. Not only was it my first time at an IMAX theater but to add Jim to the mix was just, well.....Fabulous!!! LOL
We also held a baking contest between the girls, the boys were the judges. My sister Carmel and Crew made this amazing blueberry, chocolate moose roll. It was sooo tasty! Guys sure did enjoy themselves!
On the first outing, some of the kids got to visit a farm, see some animals and do weaving at their work shop. Devin was sick that day...poor hunny so couldn't go. But it looked like the girls had a good time there! Here are the pictures of all that!

Iron Chef

A visit to the farm

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I set up a St. Patrick's picnic out in the back porch today as the sun was shining and most of the kids where out visiting a farm. I'm so happy for sun! We painted our faces and were just missing the beer.
(Well at least for those of age....sorry guys!) Anywho.... hope your day is filled with happiness and good luck charms! Xoxox

Come on guys...someone please smile with me
Thanks Eman!!!

Smile James :-)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pictures and comments

Ok so this might be a long post but it's because I went crazy taking pictures today and felt the need to post and comment about them all.
So without further ado....

We first have my new haircut and color.... this picture is "What do you think?"

This one is the ducky face "Why did you cut it?"

Here are two pictures . First off:
"What makes Marieanne happy and Carmel grumpy?"
Second: "What makes Marieanne grumpy and Carmel happy?"

Ok... now what should I take of a picture of?? Think... think

. Ohh I just LOVE this guy