Friday, March 20, 2009

March break fun

For this spring break we were able to do some fun activities with the kids. There's so much to do with them here that I have lots of ideas for the summer...should be fun! We went to an IMAX "under the sea" show, narrated by Jim Carey himself!!! You can imagine how thrilled I was. Not only was it my first time at an IMAX theater but to add Jim to the mix was just, well.....Fabulous!!! LOL
We also held a baking contest between the girls, the boys were the judges. My sister Carmel and Crew made this amazing blueberry, chocolate moose roll. It was sooo tasty! Guys sure did enjoy themselves!
On the first outing, some of the kids got to visit a farm, see some animals and do weaving at their work shop. Devin was sick that day...poor hunny so couldn't go. But it looked like the girls had a good time there! Here are the pictures of all that!


Christina said...

You guys look so busy all the time, doing lots of activities, it looks like tons of fun. Miss you all.

MarieAnne said...

Yep...we keep pretty busy! Miss you too and hope to see you this spring/summer!Luv ya

Anonymous said...

It was sooo fun!!!