Saturday, December 27, 2008

Carmel is 16!!!

December 26th was Carmel's 16th birthday. We both woke up with horrible head colds but I promised her a lunch out at a Sushi place. So we did what we could to get ready for our morning outing. We only had a ride to the restaurant and then had to walk home in the snow. Now it's not very far away, but due to our head was pretty miserable. What made it worth it and bearable was that our brother Andre and girlfriend Lani were able to join us for lunch. It was so nice to hang out with them and the sushi was so goooooood! Would have taken some pictures of our cold, snowy walk home but my camera batteries ran out. The night before we felt a bit better and took some pictures together and some with friends...crazy goofy ones that perhaps I will post at a later time. But right now this one is for Carmel and I just want to say that you've grown to be a beautiful teen with such spunk and craziness that it's a joy being around you...even with your grumpy, annoyed moods ha! Your a wonderful sister and I wish the best for you this coming year
Love you lots baby girl!

Carmel deep in thought

She's so pretty!
Andre is a great brother!

Thanks Andre and Lani for a fun lunch out!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little Christmas news

It's been a busy Christmas season as I'm sure it has been for all of you. We had a smaller group to work with this year compared to others. We were able to reach out to those who needed encouragement and spread the spirit of Christmas all around. Whether it was going caroling door to door or giving out cookies and Thank You cards to those who have helped us over this past year. We also had a cute kids show that performed at different places. Some of which were at homes for the elderly and one was for our local police station. They were having their Christmas party and invited us to sing for them and then join them for dinner. The kids enjoyed it a lot especially when the Police Moose came by to shake their hands and say hi. The Chief of Police also came to talk to us about our work, he was so sweet. He said he was thankful to know that there are people like us in the city who want to help reach out to others in the way we do. Seeing how the kids have touched so many lives has been thrilling and I'm glad I was able to be a part of it this year as it's been awhile since I've really helped out in this way. I'm truly thankful! It's been a different and at times a hard Christmas for me but having such a wonderful son,family and friends who love me.I have so many things I'd like to post about that's happened this Christmas along with pictures that I'm afraid it'll take some time to put them up. But all in good time, I will! Until then.....Have yourself a Merry little Christmas, may your heart be light......and full of LOVE!

The whole gang with the local friendly moose and Chief of Police

Talking with the Cheif

Devin was the donkey this year

Devin and the girls wishing everyone a Merry Christmas

Angel singing "What can I give Him?
James greeting some of the elderly ladies

Monday, December 15, 2008


Think about the last time you played with a baby. When you put your hands over your eyes, she did the same thing. "Mirroring" is a natural human behavior. Through imitation, our species is able to learn, communicate, and empathize. Our natural inclination for mimicry means that we often "catch" each other's moods, which is why you might start to feel anxious when your spouse starts stressing about seeing their in-laws for the holidays, or why an easygoing, buoyant new hire can change the energy in an office.
The good news is that positive emotions are more contagious than negative ones. A Yale University School of Management study found that cheerfulness and warmth spread far more quickly throughout an office than irritability and depression. The best way to spread these good feelings? With a big toothy smile, the most contagious gesture of all.
When you smile at others, you literally "infect" them with happiness. Psychologist Fritz Stack discovered this when he had participants in a study hold a pencil with their teeth, which activated the smiling muscles. When they were smiling, participants found cartoons funnier than when they weren't smiling. Translation: It's a lot easier to make your client, your boss, or your spouse more receptive to your ideas if you say it with a smile.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Picture taking

I'm having fun trying out the different settings with my new camera. I have a lot to learn about the Canon Rebel XT. I'm hoping to get an extended lens for it so i can zoom more and I still need a camera bag. I hear the sling bags are the best. I have to look into it. I'm very thankful to have it as it's something that I've wanted and needed for awhile. I'm able to take pictures of the kid's Christmas shows now and all that's happening without having to barrow someone else ha! It's great. Here's the first few snap shots I took with it. I have these cute little candle holders that match, one with a boy fairy and one with a girl fairy that I like very much, just need to find square candles to go on it.
Then I found this cool candle holder below that I had to get too, nice no?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Aime

My youngest sister and baby of our family turned 10 today. Shes growing up to be such a lovely young girl. Aime is a crazy,funny character in her own unique way. She knows how to always put a smile on your face, has a warm and cuddling disposition. Funny as can be with her loud and blunt personality. I can only imagine what she'll be like when she's a teen, ha!
So for her party we came up with a winter wonderland/girl only/slumber party.
Starting off with face painting then off to the craft tables where the girls painted stain glass pictures and wooden Christmas ornaments. After they moved to the kitchen to decorate gingerbread cookies to go along with the ice cream bar we had set up for them. Aime's not one for cake, so we put candles in her ice cream as we all sang to her. After opening her presents the girls got their PJ's on and cuddled around to watch Little Women...classic! Perfect end to a great party. I was able to take some snap shots of the activities with my new camera I got, (which I'll post about at another time) I just need to edit them then I can post'em up!
Happy Birthday Aime love!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas is in full swing

I love Christmas time and it's here again. Busy with Christmas decorating, arts and crafts with the kids, Christmas shows and caroling. It's a season to be Merry