Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Aime

My youngest sister and baby of our family turned 10 today. Shes growing up to be such a lovely young girl. Aime is a crazy,funny character in her own unique way. She knows how to always put a smile on your face, has a warm and cuddling disposition. Funny as can be with her loud and blunt personality. I can only imagine what she'll be like when she's a teen, ha!
So for her party we came up with a winter wonderland/girl only/slumber party.
Starting off with face painting then off to the craft tables where the girls painted stain glass pictures and wooden Christmas ornaments. After they moved to the kitchen to decorate gingerbread cookies to go along with the ice cream bar we had set up for them. Aime's not one for cake, so we put candles in her ice cream as we all sang to her. After opening her presents the girls got their PJ's on and cuddled around to watch Little Women...classic! Perfect end to a great party. I was able to take some snap shots of the activities with my new camera I got, (which I'll post about at another time) I just need to edit them then I can post'em up!
Happy Birthday Aime love!


Petra Laila said...

Anika loved being there! Thx. for organizing the party and inviting her--it really meant a lot! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful lady she is! She's grown so much since I last saw her... She has such a winning personality... I love that girl! Send her my birthday wishes!

Love and hugs!

Kelsey Noble said...

Awww, she is so pretty and is growing up so fast. Happy birthday Aime!

Christina said...

Wow Aimee, love you lots. Hope you had a great time. xoxox