Monday, August 24, 2009

Down by the river

There's this cute river flowing on the side of our property that Devin enjoys wadding in, and the kids catch crayfish and minos. It's so pretty down there that I had to take a few pictures. Lots of fun!

Devin wanted to try to take some pictures so I let him snap this shot of me... not to bad!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Andre's BBQ & sports day!

Be prepared... there's a LOT of pictures! :-)

Man of the day!
Vollyball time

Devin went down the slip N slide
American football!

The girls checking out the football game!

I went for a few "looking over the shoulder" shots... there to cute

Three "shady" characters

family shot!

Now there's a good looking couple!
Jonny visiting from Brazil
Relaxing under some shade

A little mustard anyone?

Happy birthday Afra!
He's ready to make a wish!
Hoping he gets his wish!

Well...Gosh! Didn't think he'd get it that fast! Shucks!
A slippery slimy present from the kiddos... can you say ribbit?
La la la LA la la laaaaa!Weapons in hand!