Thursday, August 31, 2006


*Did some Yoga today

*Having friends over on Monday

* Devin's birthday on the 7th

* Will have Devin's party on Monday when the other kids are here

* Lots of planning to do

* I've been sooo tierd...need more energy

*Mike and some friends went out to play pool

* Blogging now....but the bed is calling

* So I bid you Good-night

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Day 3 Afternoon: Zoo
It's a beautiful zoo, very well built. Got to see some great animals, there was a lot of shade, but still a pretty hot and humid day. But the kids enjoyed it and that's all that matters. I think I enjoyed the lions & giraffes the most.

Well, that's all folks! The end of our fun outing. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

More museum time

Morning of Day 3: Went to another museum, this time it was filled with stuffed wild animals. Pretty cool, you get to see just how big these creatures really are... and they ARE REALLY BIG. They did have smaller animals mind you, some cute deers and foxes etc. But I'll tell ya those bears and elks were pretty amazing to look at close up.

Simon and mom with the kiddos.
Devin and Katrina in awe.
Checking things out.
Me and my handsome lil' man.
Check out the size of that bear!
I couldn't resist....that polar bear was out to get me!
SOMEBODY Savvvvve Meeeee!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dress up fun

At the same museum they had this whole other section that was like a little village. It was divided into sections such as a bakery, fire & police department, Vet clinic, bank, theater, eye doctor, grocery store and more. The kids could come in and pick want they'd like to be and dress the part and have fun playing make believe. Devin chose to be a fireman at first, then he saw the set up theater with all their costumes so he decide to be a cowboy. They all took turns playing different "community helpers" and that kept them busy for quite awhile, which was good as it began to pour down rain all that afternoon.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Kids Discovery Science Museum

Day 2: We went to a cool science museum where they had a huge mountain/cave the kids could explore, then it merged into this very big boat that had all kinds of fun "hands on" science displays that the kids could learn about. I think some of us adults were more into how some of those things worked the the kids were ha!
Devin and Aime steering the ship
A first look when you get on the ship from the cave.
James and Devin at the lego city solor display.
Devin interested in the magnets.
Mom explaining about the solar city.
Amie checking out sand particles.
Mom and kids in the cave learning about bats!
Devin inside the cave.

James, Nina and Aime saying hi!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

We are Back

It was a fun but a tiring time. I don't think my body is quite up to snuff yet,
esp. trying to keep up with 4 young energizer bunnies that just seem to go, go, go, go, and go! Mt mind is willing but my body is sadly weak and lacking. But I am thankful that I am strong enough to even go out with them and have some fun even though at the end of the day I'm soar and achy. Anyway enough about me.
We had a great time and there are lots of pictures to be shown so I'll just post one day at a time. We left Monday afternoon, arrived at the hotel got settled in, then the kids went swimming. Devin hasn't been in water in awhile so he was a little cautious at first, but after reminding him that he use to swim under water and really enjoyed it, he took the plunge and started going under water and then he would jump into the water like the big kids. The water was really nice as we don't have a pool of our own and it's been soooo hot, this was a nice treat for the kids. Here's some photo's.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Fun Times Ahead

Summer vacation is almost over and we wanted to do something special for the kids before they start school.
So  Mike has taken some of his time last week to phone different fun places in our city that we could take the kids too. We got to go to an Amusement park, the zoo, a kids discovery museum, hotel with pool, and restaurants. WOW! The kids are so excited, as we've been promising to do something with them this summer.
Today as I was packing, Devin kept coming up to me asking me question and to make sure I didn't forget anything...
"Mom did you pack my towel? Can I bring my stuffed animals? When are we going?" Ha, so cute. So we're off to have a fun-filled packed 2 day excursion with the kids, should be lots of fun! Pictures will be posted when I get back.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

To Beth

Beth has been staying with us for the past 3 weeks, it's been great fun having her here, her cheery smiles and laughs will be remembered. She's now off to Austin, and then CHINA! And as Andre would put it " Eat rice and be happy!".
Choosing to go overseas to be a missionary is scary, your a brave soul! We'll keep you in our prayers!
You will be missed.

Friday, August 18, 2006

In other news...

I just may very well be the only female out of the millions who gets excited about gaining weight....
Yes, ladies and gentlemen I have indeed gained......7 pounds in the last 2 weeks! I know it may not sound like much but for me this is a milestone, it's the most I've weighed since getting sick. Right now I'm at 107 lbs. and hope to work up to 120 or 125 lbs. One thing that's helped me a lot is that I'm now feeling stronger and have started to work out daily. After doing this I saw results right away and I felt better too. I also watch what I eat as to make sure I'm eating the healthy things I can have that has the most amount of calories. I try to have 2 of my smoothies a day which contains about 530 calories each, so that's helping me. I'm so thankful for this progress, it's very encouraging! And thanks to all of you who have helped me and are praying for me. It means so much! Love you xoxo

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bubbles, bubbles!!!

We went out last Sunday and got some bubbles for Devin and that evening we tried out the new bubble machine. He's very "bubbly" himself, always jumping around, dancing and making all kinds of goofy faces. He had a blast playing with the bubbles and I had fun taking pictures of him while the sun set. Made for some good photos!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Positive outlook

Our computers have been acting very strange lately, one minute you can get online the next you can't, something is wrong with our connection.... frustrating. Oh well I'm sure there's another way to look at having more time with friends. Last night Andre made a bond fire, we roasted marshmallows around the fire...yippie! We also live out in the country so at night the sky is so clear, we could see the Milky Way and I caught a glimpse of a few shooting stars, it was beautiful. I wish I got better pictures but alas my camera's batteries died..sniff!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

To Tatianna

She is fun, she is smart, she is kind & loving, she's beautiful, she's all you could ask for in a friend. To Tati on your 20th Birthday, I wish you joy and happiness and all that your heart desires. You've given so much of yourself that I hope you are blessed with everything good this life has to give. It's wonderful being able to live and work with you again. Love you so much! Have a truly Happy,happy year!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fun Pic's

Devin as a tiger...
Amie with colored circles...

Katrina with colorful explosion...

Jamie as... Elvis?

Katrina, Beth and Amie playing a game.