Monday, August 21, 2006

Fun Times Ahead

Summer vacation is almost over and we wanted to do something special for the kids before they start school.
So  Mike has taken some of his time last week to phone different fun places in our city that we could take the kids too. We got to go to an Amusement park, the zoo, a kids discovery museum, hotel with pool, and restaurants. WOW! The kids are so excited, as we've been promising to do something with them this summer.
Today as I was packing, Devin kept coming up to me asking me question and to make sure I didn't forget anything...
"Mom did you pack my towel? Can I bring my stuffed animals? When are we going?" Ha, so cute. So we're off to have a fun-filled packed 2 day excursion with the kids, should be lots of fun! Pictures will be posted when I get back.

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Michelle Lavigne said...

Oh I'm so happy for you all, that's wonderful! Have fun!