Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday party

This Sunday I was finally able to throw Devin a birthday party since on his actual day the area was having problems with lice, so we couldn't have kids over. But that's all done and over with. The day turned out very fun and enjoyable for the kids! We had the party outside, played some games and the younger girls help me make a obstacle course relay which turned out pretty good! It's been awhile since we have been able to get the kids together like this so I'm glad this day worked out and I hope to have a kids day again soon!

All the munchkins!
The beginning of the course, they had to run around the chairs the girls are sitting on.
Then balance running over the beams
jump down and crawl under another board
Jump over some logs... goooo Devin!!!
And last... jump through the tire swing!
We also played a few relay games
Logan was sooo excited and did very well!
Here's my attempt in making a cool skateboard cake.
Devin picked out the design from an online site.. so I tried to make it look the same. But my poor icing was to droopy. I used Oreos for the wheels!
Mike came too. He was trying to light to candles but we had a nice strong wind that kept blowing out the flame.
Devin was a little nervous being in the spotlight! He's a shy one at times
We manged to get at least one candle lit that he could blow out!
We love you Devin! Happy 9th Birthday!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joy's Photography

Joy has been staying with us for awhile and we both love photography so on our day off we thought it'd be a great idea to take some shots of each other out in the beautiful countryside where we live. The landscape here is really amazing and great for picture taking. So in this first post I put up the ones Joy took of me. Now, mind you that this was all for fun and for me personally being able to get some practice in working with lighting etc. In my next post I'll put up ones I took of her. So here is the first set we took, Joy's real good at getting different angles and I like how these pictures came out! Thanks Joy!

Monday, September 14, 2009

To the Lovely Ana!

Yes, today I can flaunt you on my blog as it's your birthday and I just want everyone to know how wonderful and beautiful you are (not that they don't know this already)! The first time I met you, you gave me the impression that you were a sweet, kind, free spirited girl and after moving in to live with you and getting to know you better I realized... I was right! Your wonderful in so many ways.... and as beautiful as they come! What can I say, you know it's true... the men they love you! But more then just your stunning beauty is your winning personality. Your so helpful and caring, always making sure others are OK and happy. If they aren't, you easily brighten their day with your cheery laugh and cute sense of humor. Thank you for being a friend and spending time with me when there's no one to hang out with :-) I want to wish you a fabulous year ahead in finding your place of happiness in life. Love you lots hun! Happy 19th Birthday! Xoxo

(I know...we need a better picture of us together, and preferably one that isn't of us hanging upside down hahah!)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Devin's 9th Birthday!

Devin turned 9 yesterday! Wow.. it's so cool I have such a big boy. He's a great kid with lots of spunk and energy (sometimes to much for me too handle) but I wouldn't trade it for the world. His kind heart and sweetness makes up for his rascal side. I'm so blessed to have him in my life. I always wanted more kids as I love caring for and teaching them, but with the things that have come into my life I've just got one and I can't complain.

I love you soooo much Devin and it's my hope and prayer that I can give you want you need, teach and train you in the way you should go, be there for you when you fall, listen to you when you need to pour out your heart, dry your tears when you are hurting, and fill your life with 1,000 million hugs, smiles, and laughs. You keep me young and fresh in mind and body, your simplicity, faith and trust reminds me to be that way. So thank you for all that you are teaching me in return! I wish the very best for you this coming year and that you will continue to grow and learn many new things this year!
Happy 9th Birthday hun xoxox ~ Mommy

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Visit to dad's

Here are some older photos of when my brother Andre, Devin and me went to spend a few days at my dad's place during the summer. I posted pictures of the property earlier but none of people and the fun we had, so here are those! Enjoy

The Awesome pool house
Andre pointing again! Hee hee

Riding a scooter
The guys playing around! :-)

Devin just floating along

Cute Cassie
Ready... Set.... GO!

Sooo refreshing

Setting up their tent

Playing a game of Badminton (with beer in hand) pretty talented!

The kids had lots of fun too

Relaxing and bathing in the sun!

Dan and Christina's puppy... little Oli! Soooo cute

Caught you dad!

"Check out the perfect hamburger"
Devin and Cassie taking a break from swimming

Christina and Dan with dad enjoy the food
Wonderful Jaana! She's the best host and makes such great food!
Andre showing Dan how to do the " point and smirk" pose

It was hard to get one good photo of my sister and me as you can tell.. we were too silly

She's soooo beautuful

Ahh here we go.... a bit "normel"
I wonder where we get our craziness from??