Sunday, September 06, 2009

Visit to dad's

Here are some older photos of when my brother Andre, Devin and me went to spend a few days at my dad's place during the summer. I posted pictures of the property earlier but none of people and the fun we had, so here are those! Enjoy

The Awesome pool house
Andre pointing again! Hee hee

Riding a scooter
The guys playing around! :-)

Devin just floating along

Cute Cassie
Ready... Set.... GO!

Sooo refreshing

Setting up their tent

Playing a game of Badminton (with beer in hand) pretty talented!

The kids had lots of fun too

Relaxing and bathing in the sun!

Dan and Christina's puppy... little Oli! Soooo cute

Caught you dad!

"Check out the perfect hamburger"
Devin and Cassie taking a break from swimming

Christina and Dan with dad enjoy the food
Wonderful Jaana! She's the best host and makes such great food!
Andre showing Dan how to do the " point and smirk" pose

It was hard to get one good photo of my sister and me as you can tell.. we were too silly

She's soooo beautuful

Ahh here we go.... a bit "normel"
I wonder where we get our craziness from??


John and Mireille said...

Wow! These are great pictures Marie-Anne. Thanks for sharing them with us.

You all look so beautifull.

I love you Mom

Christina said...

I love the pics, wish I had your!

Kelsey Noble said...

Wow Devin is so big. He is growing up so fast.

You are so pretty.

Looks like tons of fun!