Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Vanessa's Birthday

Sorry for the lack of posts, lots happening but not worth mentioning on this here blog... well maybe it would be but I haven't had time to post! I do have pictures of Nessie's birthday, sooo Nessie hope you don't mind me posting these. Your a real sweetie and I love living with you! Xoxo

Awww don't you just love them all!!!

A little over excited

I made this cake for the birthday girl. Used starbrusts and mini chocolate chips and rosebuds for the sunflowers!
Andre having fun with Devin

The other week we had a thunderstorm and when it was over a few of us went outside as we noticed the sun's lighting was a bit bizarre. It had a darkish bronze glow, kinda cool!

Slight hint of a rainbow


Katrina said...

Happy Birthday Nessy
Love ya

Abi said...

Nice job on the cake!