Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Up coming Graphic designer?

I've noticed Devin developing his artistic side. He gets on Paint during part of his rest times and here's some of the pictures I found that he made and saved on My Documents. Pretty good for a six year old, no? Maybe it's something he will continue showing an interest in and become a graphic designer! Art does run in the family. He's growing up so fast and seems to learn and pick up things pretty quickly, he's so smart. But I guess every mom thinks that of their kids.

I'm guessing this first one is of our family, don't you just love our hair-do's?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Angel

She really angel! These past few weeks when I was so sick,she was there to help care for me and make me my meals. She's a wonderful cook and whenever I need something to eat she is always there ready with a smile to make it for me. I know it's a big job and she's already a busy person so I just want to say " Thanks Kelsey, for your love and care in helping me while I'm sick." Kelsey is one of those special people that make the world just a little bit better with her smile and cheerful disposition. I love sitting in the dinning room and hear her singing songs as she works in the kitchen or when she randomly gives hugs to those around her. She really knows how to make you smile and feel loved. I love living with her and count myself blest to call her my friend. Love you lots Kelsey poo! xoxo

Thursday, July 05, 2007

To Mom

Happy Birthday Mom! You mean so much to me, not only are you a great and caring mother but you have been a dear friend to me through these past years. You've been there for me when I felt like giving up and have been a source of encouragement and strength during my weakest moments. Thank you for your love and care and not giving up on me. You are truly a mother to be proud of and I hope I can follow in your footsteps. I love you!