Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's happened

This morning we wake up to the kids excitedly proclaiming " It snowed last night!!"
"No, not yet!"  But it's true.....It has October! Arrrg. Well, guess we need to prepare for a long winter. Sure was hoping for a bit more of that nice crisp, cool fall, but no winter weather is here to stay. "Time to take out those long underwear," Mommy will say.  Those in warm places! I envy you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Soon coming

Lots of pictures coming your way, just need time! I'll give you a brief update of my travels. The teachers seminar was all that I expected it to be and more. I am so glad I got the chance to go. I've always had a love for teaching kids and this gave me a lot of ideas and ways to think out side the box in my teaching. I'm very excited about my children's future schooling. To be honest at first I felt very timid that first day, there were so many people and I just haven't been around big crowds in awhile that it was a bit overwhelming. But by the second day and after meeting up with old friends I felt more comfortable and at ease. I also got to meet and hang out with many new friends which was very enjoyable. On the last day they ended our stay by taking 3 buses full of us to a beautiful winery. We got to go on a little tour of the place and then had a bit of wine tasting not knowing that there was a spread like none other just waiting for us out back. So out we went to see a table full of breads, chips, salsa, olives,cheese, and ....yes WINE! It was fabulous, a real treat. We sat there wining and dinning and before we knew it, it was time to leave. Everyone was leaving that night or the next morning so I said my goodbyes and was off to visit friends in California. This is a whole other story to I'll leave it here and post just a few pictures, till I have time to do all of them.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm off

Down to a teachers seminar for a week and then spending a few extra days with friends. It'll be great to have this much needed time away. I'll miss my little guy too much though, he's staying back home with his grandma so he's in good hands. It's just hard to be apart from him right now. Please keep my trip in your prayers and that I stay healthy. I will try to keep you posted during my time away.
Sunny south, Here I come!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A new life

It's been a little more then a year since moving up here to Canada. It really is amazing to see how far I've come since my sickness. I wanted to post about it because it's been on my heart to share with everyone how much I love and appreciate those who have care for me and seen me through some of my toughest times. I never would have thought growing up as a young teen and adult that I would be hit with a life long sickness such as Crohn's. I mean, I always was the weaker one in my family and had a lot of problems with my health. But then in my later teen and early adult years I was healthy as can be. So when I found out about my disease it was very hard to take, and to be honest I didn't know how to handle one did. I was certain that I could find natural remedies and be healed within a few months if not less. I went through so many hard times, not knowing how to face a problem like this one. I always considered myself a cheerful, positive person. But with this sickness it really sucked the life right out of me and I felt good for nothing. I became so weak and in such terrible pain I had to stay in bed for the better part of five years.  I felt like such a failure to my family for not handling things better and for being such a burden to them. I wanted to do something in the physical to prove my worth. But as I began to learn during those years to let go of my pride. Could I trust God even if He took away my health, my job, even my family? Would I still trust Him then, knowing that He knew what was best for me? At first I'd have to say no. I couldn't see the good in my situation and I didn't see how all the pain I was suffering and the pain I was causing my family could be for my good. It was a real intense, I fought day in and day out. I was so weak and felt like I couldn't fight any more, it was to much for me to handle. But then that's where my family and friends really pulled me through and helped me to see that even though I was weak in the flesh that didn't mean I had to give up mentally and emotionally. I could still be a help and blessing to those in my life and to others as well. How? Through prayer! That time alone in bed was the time I needed to focus on others. To put them first and uphold them through my prayers. I began to see the good in all of this, there was a purpose for me. I finally stopped fighting and asking Him for my healing. I prayed and prayed and  even if that meant not healing me, even if I had to stay this way the rest of my life. When I came to that breaking point that's when I started seeing good things happen in my life. I wasn't healed over night but I was healed inside. I was at peace with God and ready to what He had in store for me. I saw little glimpses of His love for me. One day after praying so desperately I felt a rush of energy spring up in me. I got out of bed feeling so alive. I walked right into the kitchen and asked for some chicken. I hadn't been able to keep food down for months, So I tried and gobbled down 5 chicken wings and that night I felt just fine. I walked around the yard a bit which was a real struggle as I had no fat or muscle on my body what-so-ever, but that evening I felt the cool breeze on me and it wasn't a struggle at all. I just took that time to praise God for how good He was to me and for letting me experience the beauty of life, even if it was for a short period of time. I was so touched by His love for me as He let me feel that strength once again, reminding me that it wasn't over, that He was going to be there for me. So even after that day, I was still deathly sick I knew God was caring for me and He would see me through it.
Then, slowing after moving up here I began to regain my strength back.  Through the months I was in the hospital I got better each day.
I'm truly thankful for all that I've been through but I know I wouldn't have made it without your help as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who know me and even those who don't but upheld me in their prayers during my darkest hours. You were my strength that kept me going when I had no strength left. Thank you dear Zech and Hannah, Kelsey and even Vicky and Dante who were there for me, help care, cook and care for Devin during those months. Hannah I won't ever forget your kindness that helped me not give up. Your so amazing. Kelsey you were there for me as a friend and a good cook. Thank you! To John and Sara's home for taking me and my mom in when we first got up here and gave us a place to stay.
To the wonderful people in Canada who took me and my family in with no questions asked and cared for me like I was your own. You showed such concern and love that touched my heart. I will always love you guys! Your the best.

And last but not least...I wanted to save you for last because with out you I wouldn't be here. To my dear, wonderful, supporting family. Dad, mom and kids, you guys are truly the Greats in my book. You were there for me through everything. You fought with me, cried with me and prayed with me. And now once again we are living together, you've taken me in during this painful time.
I am healed and whole once again. Let's make each moment in our lives count. Life is to short to be wasted. Love!

Purto Rico with mom in 2005 ...70 lbs
Toronto Canada, 2007 ...80 lbs
Present, 2008....130 lbs!