Monday, September 14, 2009

To the Lovely Ana!

Yes, today I can flaunt you on my blog as it's your birthday and I just want everyone to know how wonderful and beautiful you are (not that they don't know this already)! The first time I met you, you gave me the impression that you were a sweet, kind, free spirited girl and after moving in to live with you and getting to know you better I realized... I was right! Your wonderful in so many ways.... and as beautiful as they come! What can I say, you know it's true... the men they love you! But more then just your stunning beauty is your winning personality. Your so helpful and caring, always making sure others are OK and happy. If they aren't, you easily brighten their day with your cheery laugh and cute sense of humor. Thank you for being a friend and spending time with me when there's no one to hang out with :-) I want to wish you a fabulous year ahead in finding your place of happiness in life. Love you lots hun! Happy 19th Birthday! Xoxo

(I know...we need a better picture of us together, and preferably one that isn't of us hanging upside down hahah!)


Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous in that one!

MarieAnne said...

txs Heidi! Love ya