Tuesday, August 15, 2006

To Tatianna

She is fun, she is smart, she is kind & loving, she's beautiful, she's all you could ask for in a friend. To Tati on your 20th Birthday, I wish you joy and happiness and all that your heart desires. You've given so much of yourself that I hope you are blessed with everything good this life has to give. It's wonderful being able to live and work with you again. Love you so much! Have a truly Happy,happy year!


Anonymous said...

aww... thank you sooo much Marieanne. i feel really loved. thank you so much for everything! xxx

Michelle Lavigne said...

Oh Tati, there are no words. I love and admire EVERYTHING about you. Like MarieAnne said, you are SO beautiful, your are freaken smart, you are sweet and loving beyond words. You put me to shame. I really really hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you and that you find your perfect place. With all my love, Happy Birthday sweetie!

Jamie said...

Hey tat - I know this is late but happy birthday! I hope you have a great year and I hope I can get back in touch with you again, heh.

Stay beautiful! xxx