Saturday, December 27, 2008

Carmel is 16!!!

December 26th was Carmel's 16th birthday. We both woke up with horrible head colds but I promised her a lunch out at a Sushi place. So we did what we could to get ready for our morning outing. We only had a ride to the restaurant and then had to walk home in the snow. Now it's not very far away, but due to our head was pretty miserable. What made it worth it and bearable was that our brother Andre and girlfriend Lani were able to join us for lunch. It was so nice to hang out with them and the sushi was so goooooood! Would have taken some pictures of our cold, snowy walk home but my camera batteries ran out. The night before we felt a bit better and took some pictures together and some with friends...crazy goofy ones that perhaps I will post at a later time. But right now this one is for Carmel and I just want to say that you've grown to be a beautiful teen with such spunk and craziness that it's a joy being around you...even with your grumpy, annoyed moods ha! Your a wonderful sister and I wish the best for you this coming year
Love you lots baby girl!

Carmel deep in thought

She's so pretty!
Andre is a great brother!

Thanks Andre and Lani for a fun lunch out!


Carmel Lavigne said...

aww thanks soo much marie-anne i had a lot of fun even tho i was sick haha love you tons

Anonymous said...

Ahh...happy belated sweet sixteen Carmel!

Christina said...

I love you Carmel, can't believe you are 16!!! I watched your birth and this just makes me feel old! LOL!

Kelsey Noble said...

Happy birthday Mella! I love you and hope you had fun with out us! hahaha


Anonymous said...

hey yeah thanks for letting us go, sushi was great! Happy Birthday Carmel!!!