Friday, December 12, 2008

Picture taking

I'm having fun trying out the different settings with my new camera. I have a lot to learn about the Canon Rebel XT. I'm hoping to get an extended lens for it so i can zoom more and I still need a camera bag. I hear the sling bags are the best. I have to look into it. I'm very thankful to have it as it's something that I've wanted and needed for awhile. I'm able to take pictures of the kid's Christmas shows now and all that's happening without having to barrow someone else ha! It's great. Here's the first few snap shots I took with it. I have these cute little candle holders that match, one with a boy fairy and one with a girl fairy that I like very much, just need to find square candles to go on it.
Then I found this cool candle holder below that I had to get too, nice no?

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The Life and Times of Marianne McKen said...

OMG! That's my manger scene. Waaah! Haha, cute pics tho. Love you lots!