Friday, March 27, 2009

For Kizzy

I had hoped to say a few farewell words for dear Kizzy earlier this week but was waiting for some pictures. But since it's getting late I will say them now and the pictures will have to follow later.
Kizzy let me know today that she has arrived safe and sound in her new abode. She's happy as one can be with the warm sun and beautiful weather that she's been yearning for all winter. We were all blessed up here that she even graced us with her cheerful continence and sweet demeanor and she will always be remembered and in our hearts now that she is gone. I admire her dedication to her job.....always cooking away or planning on cooking or talking about cooking, whatever it was day or was cooking. It was hard to make her stop, even on her going away party....I arrived to find....yes she's in the kitchen making snacks for her going away party, now that's what I call hard core! I'm glad we got to hang out before you left Kiz, had lots of fun playing pool and talking, though I forgot I was going to buy you a tequila shot! Oh time we meet I owe you one! Wishing you the best in your new place....know your gonna have fun. Please know that you will be missed! And for all you down there....take care of our dear Kizzy!

More pictures to come!


Andre Lavigne said...

Miss you Kizz, come back we miss you and your "it's cold"

take care

Kizzy said...

lol That is because you didn't hear it every single morning like poor Jason and Adrian.
I miss you all tons.