Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pictures and comments

Ok so this might be a long post but it's because I went crazy taking pictures today and felt the need to post and comment about them all.
So without further ado....

We first have my new haircut and color.... this picture is "What do you think?"

This one is the ducky face "Why did you cut it?"

Here are two pictures . First off:
"What makes Marieanne happy and Carmel grumpy?"
Second: "What makes Marieanne grumpy and Carmel happy?"

Ok... now what should I take of a picture of?? Think... think

. Ohh I just LOVE this guy



Maya said...

I totally understand this craziness you went through. Looks like you did well for yourself :) Kids seemed to not mind it that much at least- they didn't cover their faces- my girls do:(

Your hair cut looks great!! You also are looking really good and healthy!!!! Love you~

Anonymous said...

I like your hair SO MUCH! I always thought you looked good with it short.

Anonymous said...

hahaha those donation cans are so funny. U look so purdy!!

Anonymous said...

Fun fun picture time! What you gotta do is carry the camera around all the time, till it becomes an extension of your hand, and then people just become accustomed to crazy you and your camera. =)

Kelsey Noble said...

Hah Marieanne you are so cute! I love the hair cut. It looks like your hair is getting thicker.

Miss B said...

Hi Marieanne! I love your new haircut! You're looking beautiful. Your sisters are looking so beautiful too. Please give them my love! ILY!

MarieAnne said...

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words!
Heidi: I'll try to keep that camera always with me....it's just so bulky, ha!
Kelsey: Yep hairs getting thicker TYJ!
Haven: Love you to and my sisters send their love! xoxox