Friday, June 16, 2006

Riding a bike for the first time. I'm a Proud mom

I don't want to sound like a bragging mom, but I just have to say that Devin is a very talented and smart 5 year old. He has no fear, this is a little "old news" but I didn't get to mention it on my blog soooo, a few weeks ago he decides to try riding Amie's bike, now he's only rode a bike once or twice before this and that was with training wheels on and me helping him, but that day he got on and kept practicing all by himself till him came to get me and said "Mommy look I can ride all by myself!" And so it was my 5 yr.old taught himself how to ride. It was so cute to see him ride around...with a few falls here and there, but he gets right back up and trys brave!


Michelle Lavigne said...

That's my boy!

Charlock said...

So freaking cute!