Sunday, July 02, 2006

Let it RAIN

Yes, it has come......the skies did open and poured down rain upon this dry and dusty brown land. TG! It was sooooo refreshing to feel the cool breeze and rain drops on my face. We really needed it, it's been soooo hot here and everything was turning brown..ugg! But now the grass and trees will grow once more! As I was enjoying this heavenly bliss of a feeling I noticed the kiddos all running outside in their swimsuits....hummm great idea. So I walked over to the back deck to see them enjoy the rain. And there I find the teen girls doing some songs and dance with the kids. It was sooo cute I had to take some pictures. I also captured the girls running wild and free through the rain. You can tell we miss rain ha!
That's my boy... shaking his little booty

Ahhhhh rain at last! Oh happy day :-)


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no it was not that cute but it was fun