Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Well I made it back in one piece. It was a great visit, had fun and just relaxed. But the trip back was something else. Whose had a bad experience traveling??
Well, mine all started out bright and early on Sunday morning, waking up at five am, then driving two hours to the airport. My sister Michelle's flight left at 10:30 am and mine didn't leave till 4:00 pm, so I checked to see if I could catch an earlier flight with her to Chicago and from there she would head out to LA and me to Dallas. So that all worked out, but when getting to Chicago and trying to catch an earlier flight to Dallas, nothing was available..they were all booked! Soooooo I had to wait for my original flight that didn't leave till 6:30 pm!!! Ahhhhh!!!!
So there is little weak Marieanne wandering the airport for a good 7 hours, trying every seat position possible, read a little, did crossword puzzles till my eyes were soar, tried to rest with 2 big English women behind me ranting and raving about how horrible the security checks were. Then my flight was delayed....had to wait another hour and a half. Finally we boarded, arrived in Dallas and I was greeted by Tati and Mike..Yeah, friendly faces!
Then came the time to wait for my suitcase, took awhile for the luggage to arrive, when it did we watched as each bag past....but not mine...sigh! It's about 10:30 pm now and I'm VERY tired and my suitcase are nowhere to be found.....sooo off to the baggage service we go. Wait in a long line.... then wait while they try to locate my missing bag....an hour later....they find it and we're off.....for another 2 hour trip home by car! Whew, all that to say....I don't like traveling so much any more!


Michelle Lavigne said...

Oh man, that is horrid, I'm so sorry hun! AT least you are home safe and sound now.

FYI said...

we almost missed our flight out of Houston because they took us in for questioning about...this is the best part...why Phil's name is Philadelphia. Hello! ask his dad not us!

MarieAnne said...

That's maddness!
I never knew Phil's name was Philadelphia...heehee...cute!