Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Devin

Monday we celebrated Devin's 6th birthday. In the morning grandpa & grandma gave Devin his present; a soccer ball and lego car. Thanks guys,he really like them.

Later on everyone showed up and Mike got the grills going with some fine food and we all sat around the deck talking while the kids took off to explore and do those things that kids do. After awhile my mom (bless her soul) got them together to play a few games which they liked, as I worked on Devin's cake. Then the food was ready...yeay! And everyone enjoyed the bbq.

Then Mike and me presented Devin with his new bike. He was really hoping for one as he told me that he was getting tired of riding Aime's pink bike, ha!

Time for some cake and ice cream! When I asked Devin what kind of cake he would like he said he would like a banana cake with stawberry ice cream. "hummm.. really?" I said to which he answerd " Yes mommmy, I like my fruits!"
So that's what we had. Everyone seemed to enjoy it Thank God, I know Devin did.

He had dinosaurs on his cake as that's what he's into right now.

Later in the evening some of the guys played volleyball which I will post pictures of at a later time.
Happy 6th Birthday Devin!

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Michelle Lavigne said...

YAY, today is the 7th...at first I was worried I missed it, then realized that you had his birthday early. Happy Birthday my little munchkin!! I love you!!