Saturday, November 04, 2006

New and Old

We got a new pup today. She's been Oooo'd and Ahhhh'd over and gets all the attention in the world. The boys spent most of today making a cute little home for her where I think she will be very comfortable. Now the hard part is choosing a name for her, Some say Tosha, others say Posha, then there's Anastasia (Asia for short). As you can see we're trying to go with a Russian name as her parents names are Russian. Either way she will be loved by all.

A few weeks ago a friend told us he had some stuff that he'd been keeping in a storage for awhile and now was trying to clean out & he wanted to give it to us. So Mike and Zech went to pick the things up and one of the things they brought back was this way cool old record player. ! It was an instant hit as we set it up with speakers and all &; then proceeded to select some ol' records such as "Dean Martin", "The Beavers", " Jonny Mathis", "John Denver", and "Glenn Miller". There's also a variety of Christmas records that we've begun to play as the Christmas season has rolled around. It's been lots of fun listening to those old classics and has been a real novelty in the home.

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Kelsey Noble said...

Oh I can't believe you got to blogging that before me, lol! Nice pictures.