Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend fun

So I had a good weekend! Got lots done and had some fun evening activities.
One night we played poker and other card games and I won three rounds in poker which is a shock.

And tonight is my night off so I will just chill, relax with some whole made organic banana bread I made and some cool water.. while I watch a movie, don't know which one yet but hopefully it will be a good one.
Oh and just to keep everyone updated on my health, I've been doing very well and have now gone back up to 106 lbs. which I'm very happy about. I've been good with my workouts, focusing on building up my thigh, calf, and arm muscles. I've been slowly seeing some definition which is good....real good!
Thank you all again for your prayers for me, it means so much! I love you all! xoxox

Here's just a few shots I took of our beautiful, colorful world this time of year!

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Maria said...

That's such good news! I'm so happy you're doing well. When I reach 106 I'm very happy too, though for me it's quite the other way around! You're a real fighter and the beauty of spirit your battle has brought you is worth the cost. ILY!