Friday, February 09, 2007

Must love dogs

I want to thank everyone for keeping me in their prayers as I've been feeling a bit better.
I don't have much a blog about lately so I thought I'd post some photos of are our cute little pooch, Misha! She's getting bigger by the day and becoming quite the rascal, only because it's been so cold lately that we haven't been able to run her as much as she needs to be, so she gets restless being tied up. Poor baby! You see we have to keep a close eye on her as we are going to breed her when she's old enough, so we can't just let her run around free in the yard with our other dog as he has a bad habit of running after cars and taking off into the forests near by and we can't let Misha do that. But everyone does take turns through out the day to run with her and get her energy out. We just got this TV show DVD through Netflix called "The Dog Whisper", it's about a man who knows how to help dogs with all kinds of problems, each episode it shows him working with different people who have problems with their dog. It was really cool to see him and how he handled each situation and it was funny how it showed that most of the time it wasn't the dog but the owners who needed the help ha! All in all it had some interesting and helpful tips on how to control and train your dog...and yourself!


Justin said...

Such cute snaps ! Do they all belong to you!! They a really chweeeet ... muaaaaaaah!!!!

Kelsey Noble said...

Aww Misha, my puppy! She is so cute! I guess I can see her better in pictures because she isnt so far away, haha!