Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Party

We were able to host a Christmas party for the teens in the area on Saturday night. It turned out real well. Lots of people showed up, We had snacks and drinks (everyone helped out) and we were able to set up our Christmas tree just in time. It had been a real hassle getting it up as we couldn't find any of the lights or decorations from last year. But we found a few and bought a few more...sigh of relief! We had games planned thanks to Abi but ended up playing only one, which turned out to be lots of fun (see pictures below). The rest of the time was spent with just everyone enjoying time together. Thanks to all who were involved in making it happen.

Some of the lovely, crazy ladies

Mike and Amy sharing a moment...
Sonya, Gideon and Amy
Laila and me
Seti and Jack frost???
Game the outfit!

Oli showing off his new look


Kelsey Noble said...

I am envying all of your fellowship and parties. Haha, Marieanne you look the best I am have since you in.....You look so good. I miss you guys! Love you!

Kelsey Noble said...

Woops I meant to say....You look the best I have seen you in.... yeah that's what I was trying to say.

MarieAnne said...

Thanks Kelsey love! xoxox

Teeny said...

Oh man, I missed that game, hahaha. I had to change my shirt because I couldn't breathe.

You have to send me those pictures, they're pretty intense. Love you, xxxx.