Thursday, July 03, 2008

Canada Day

July 1st was Canada day and our home decided on all going to a local park to have a picnic and watch the fireworks. I was busy cooking in the kitchen making turkey sandwiches for everyone as others tried to figure out which park would be the best to go too. Finally we were off, I couldn't take the camera with me so we took some photos at the house before we left. Most of us dressed in red and white, it was so cute. We found a place to eat then the kids took of to play at the near by play area. There were so many people there though and it was a mom's worse nightmare just trying to keep an eye on your kids. I actually lost Devin for about 3 min. which to me seemed like a life time in that crowd. As he had run off in a split second to go see his friends. It's a feeling I don't care to experience again. But thank god there were no more instances like that. We bumped into my family there which was great and we took the kids to the small carnival that they had there in the back and some of the kids got to go on the jumping balloons and other fun stuff. Time went by fast and before we knew it they were starting the firework show. So Mike, Devin, me and a few others went rushing through the mass of people sprawled out over the park to get to our spot. Some hands were squished and people bumped into during the process but we made it back in time to lie down on the blanket and enjoy the show. Lots of fun! Lots of work...but enjoyable in the end!

Here's our family's red and white picture!

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Christina said...

Those are cute pics, you guys are so awesome, I love you both and can't wait to spend some time with you.