Saturday, August 02, 2008

family get together

Well a few weeks back I went up to visit my dad because my older brother James and his wife were coming to visit. So we wanted to have a small family reunion. Sad to say not all of us were able to make it. (We missed you guys) But Devin did have a lot of fun swimming in dad's cold pool. Ha! Actually Mike was pretty brave a got in as well.
The Guys: Older brother James, Dan (sister's boyfriend), Dad, and Mike

Then we had a wonderful BBQ . Thanks dad and Jaana for making everything so good.
I know Devin sure enjoyed it!Here's baby cousin Clarie. She was so cute and Devin was so happy to meet her.
My sister Christina beautiful and funny as ever.

Enjoying the moment
Devin did his best to take care of Claire, although he was a little rough. Not use to smaller children, but he did well.
After dinner, we sat around the new fire pit my dad made. Pretty nice no?
A little more talking, drinking and roasting marshmallows
Jaana caught Devin and me getting tired and starting into the fire.
We had such a good time there guys. Thank you again for inviting us all up. Hope to do it again soon.
(Still working on Kids camp photos!)


Christina said...

Nice pictures sweetie, Claire though would be our niece not cousin. We'll be coming up soon this coming Saturday night for Andres birthday. Love you.

Miss B said...

You are so beautiful Marieanne. ILY! I pray you're doing well. Devin is getting so big!