Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Andre

Yes, today is your day bro. I love you lots and wish you all the best this coming year. So please everyone if you'd like to wish him many good things ...comment here! The night before I left for the seminar we had a good time with our family for Andre's birthday, my sister Christina came down with Dan and Cassie. Had some beer and pizza and played some great games. I took some pictures that I don't have with me so I'll post them later. But for now I just want to say Happy happy 18th Birthday Andre, your the best! Have a wonderful, amazing year!


Christina said...

yes I want to see those funny pics for sure. Happy birthday Andre

Kelsey Noble said...

Ahhhh Andre is so big. Good Heavens people grow up fast.

Have a happy 18th pal!

John and Mireille said...

I love you son, thanks for coming over, I wish you the best year yet.
Have a great, fun, safe, wonderful year.