Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A visit to the Toronto Zoo

Yesterday my mother in law, my mom and me took the kids to the Toronto Zoo. My mom told me she took me there when we were just toddlers, so it was nice to be able to come back and take my son to it. It was a beautiful day when we arrived around 3:oo and spent 4 hours just walking around and enjoying all the animals. We got to see one of the younger tigers who was the active one, chasing a tire and prance around while the other ones looked on in amusement. The snow leopard also gave us a show while he paced back and forth and jumped up on some wooded ledges. He was so beautiful.Then there were some pretty crazy monkeys that were only around 3 inches long all jumping around like...well monkeys, they were pretty funny to watch. The seals gave a good show swimming around in their pond. Then we went to the Australian Exhibit that had some amazing colorful coral and beautiful fish swimming around. They also had a case of jellyfish which were pretty cool to watch up close. I think that area was my favorite part. But they also had a great set up for the mountain goats. It looked like a part of Arizona with all the red rock formations and caves. The kids had a blast climbing all around that area. It's amazing to see how those goats can balance their big old bodies on tiny little ledges. It was pretty cool. I only had my small camera on me to the pictures so some didn't come out clear at all. I'm so disappointed. I should have known better, that whenever you go to a zoo or any fun outing with the kids to always remember to bring a good camera so you can capture the moment. But I am thankful I have something instead of nothing. So as soon as I edit them I'll post them up.

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