Tuesday, September 23, 2008

There's no victory without a battle

The hurt and pain that I feel is nothing compared to the deep love You have for me.

I feel pain whenever I think about my loss. Nothing reminds me better to run to Your arms than this deep sinking feeling, like the world is going down the drain. The whole world is swaying. You're the only thing that's steady.
Thank You for changing my priorities. Thank You for reminding me that You're the only thing that matters. Thank You for taking away earthly loves so that I can love You more.

Nothing can replace You. Thank You for giving me this time with You and You alone, where You are the only constant, You are my fortress, my strong tower, my salvation.
Thank You, that You know best. Thank You for Your wisdom that is so much greater than mine.

Thank You for being in control of this situation.Thank You for doing what is best for me, even when it seems so contrary to what I might think is best.
You can do anything‚ Jesus, and You allowed this, so I praise and thank You for it.
All things work together for good to them that love God and to them who are called according to His purpose. Thank You for being powerful enough to turn even this painful situation for my good.


Anonymous said...

you're an amazing person.. praying for you!

Carmel Lavigne said...


Angie Staughton said...

Such a beautiful prayer Marieanne. Love you!

thisisme said...

Heeeeey!! Pretty lady, I didn't know you blogged!! :D

I'm praying for you, beautiful, and I'll call you sometime soon o.k? We'll have a nice chat and take your mind off things.

Keep your chin up o.k? Someday there'll be happiness in Nottingham again, you'll see.


Boo ya said...

marianne, i don't know you but i know of you, and i have been/will be praying for you. this post was amazing, it was practically how i feel right now, word for word. you're so brave for going through everything and still praising. love you!