Tuesday, February 03, 2009

3 other January birthday's!

I've already posted about my wonderful younger sister's birthday, but there are 3 more that I didn't forget, just didn't post about right away. Hope you can forgive me! So here they are:

First off was my dad Simon's birthday. It's been great to have the chance to work with this crazy dude for so long. He is a wonderful dad, friend and co-worker! Hope this year has many good things heading your way dad, Love you!

Next, my second to youngest sister Katrina turned 12. My... how this one has grown...literally! Ha, she's my look-a-like sis when I was a kid. But of course her own unique self. So cheery, caring and helpful! Look out for this one when she grows up.

And last but certainly not least, my oldest sister....Christina! It's been such a treat to live so close to you after all these years. Your an amazing person and I love the times we can spend together. I'm so thankful you found this wonderful fellow here beside you and I wish all the best for you two in the years to come. It's great to have a sister like you! xoxo
Now I believe January had the most birthday's for our family, all the other 14 of us are spread through out the rest of the year.... how to keep track I'll never know.


Christina said...

I love you too. Thank you for being so sweet.

CCHmusic said...
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