Monday, June 22, 2009


Yep...I don't mind saying it now! I use to be one who cringed at the thought of getting closer to 30 but I've found out that I just had a misconstrued idea of what "old" was, and I think a lot of young people do too. I know that when your in the 18-25 age bracket that you feel your at the top of your game, your living life, having fun and the thought of "getting older" like being in your 30's is a terrifying thing. When in reality that's when life starts getting good. You've come to know who you are as an individual, your more focused about your goals and what you want out of life, your more comfortable in your own skin and don't worry as much of what people think of you. And if you can keep a positive mindset about your age and strive to keep fit, eating healthy and loving life then I'd say 30's can be the best time of our lives....and the only thing stopping us from living our lives to it's fullest potential is a negative mindset that makes you stop feeling young. Your only as old as you think you are.... so think YOUNG, live your life to the full, enjoy the age you are. It's amazing how happy you can be if you have a healthy attitude about aging, it's a blessing not a curse! I know I want to make the most of each year that passes, I know how short life can be and I'm not going to waste it worrying about getting older. I love my life...the good and the bad, I love that I'm learning so much every year that passes, and I'm excited about how much more there is to learn. I'm thankful for this life and getting a second chance to live it. I'm grateful for my amazing family who's always there when you need them, and my friends...there's just not enough words to describe just how wonderful they all are. I'm so so blessed to have so many! So here's to a new filled with exciting challenges, Change, good health, and feeling young in heart and body.


Marie said...

Amen to that...I total agree with you Marianne..Think young & you'll feel young :) LY

Christina said...

Great pic of you! Happy birthday.

John and Mireille said...

I love you Marie-Anne
you are an incredible woman, I wish you a wonderful year, you do have great years ahead of you to be looking forward, 30 is sosososo young, enjoy! you are beautiful!

Kelsey Noble said...

Happy birthday Marieanne!! I love you and hope you have a really awesome, rock'em sock'em year.

You are so beautiful.

Is your hair black or is it just really dark brown? What ever is it is looks great!

The Life and Times of Marianne McKen said...

Happy Birthday hun:*

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marieanne! Enjoyed your post, it was inspiring and from the heart... Love you!

Rhyden said...

beeeeuuuuuteeeee love you dear, praying for you. Happy birthday.

Joan said...

wow that post was super good!!! I'll remember this.

Happy Birthday Beautiful! (I know Im late, but better late then never)

Love you xxx,