Saturday, August 01, 2009

Marine land

A week ago a group of friends went to Marineland with all our kids. It was an amazing experience and we had soooo much fun. The shows were great, the kids enjoyed some great rides. I even went on a huge "dragon cave" roller coaster with was freaky but he loved it! Half way through the day we had a picnic on the grass under the shade of a tree, but then it was off again to see more animals and go on more rides. There was even a wild deer area that you could go into and walk beside the deers and pet them, though they all looked like they had been in the sun far to long and were dozing off. I personally enjoyed the seal lion and dolphin shows and then watching the Marine mammals swim around through the huge glass windows. And of course the roller coaster was a rush!


Katrina said...

cool it looks like you had fun

The Wump said...

MARIEANNE! Post already! I'm dying to see the recents-- I miss my home!

MarieAnne said...

Sorry hun, I'm such a slacker! I'll post today! xoxo We miss you