Friday, October 16, 2009

Some Thanksgiving pictures

We had a great feast on Monday that Lainey, Ana and me cooked. It turned out real nice.We had some guests over so we were a big crowd but it was fun as after we ate some of us gathered in the living room to do some karaoke and the kids played Wii games!

I made the pies, apple and pumpkin!


Anonymous said...

Happy(very late)thanksgiving love!!! we had pizzzza and katrina almost had a heart attack cuz it wasn't traditional hahah


tat said...

Nice pictures!

You must have a very big dining room to be able to make such a very long table... I love how you're so faithful with your blog!

Love you!

MarieAnne said...

Awww, Poor Katrina!Sometimes it's good to do it differently so your not stuck in a rut, but I understand her ha!
And Tati... I love you! I try my best to be faithful with this here blog. You know I need your blog infor and get invited so I can keep up with what your doing! Miss you

Unknown said...

Marieanne, I have changed phones and have lost your email and phone number, could you send them me to via text or email? Love you happy Thanksgiving.

Unknown said...

oooh pabs