Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Endeavours

This Christmas has turned out to be quite exciting. At the beginning of October we planned to have a childrens show as well as a youth caroling group. We practiced and practiced for about 2 months and as the end of November came to a close we had a number of volunteer shows booked at Senior's homes and hospitals for the month of December ... but no payed bookings, we were a little worried as we had put a lot into our program and hoped that it would pay off. As December came around we started our singing at some pubs and restaurants along with our volunteer shows, meeting sweet people along the way and rebuilding friendships with people we met last year. I have much more to say and will post more pictures on another post! But for now here are some of the programs we've done!

The whole gang (minus a few) posing with the Police

Some dear friends who helped us get in to sing for the police department's yearly Christmas party.

Our wonderful children's group!
Introducing the kids group
Sing "Silent Night"

The lovely's I get to sing with this year: Elena, Ana, Elaine...then there's me

Devin and me visiting a Senior's home
Our group "A Christmas wish" singing at a local Senior's home
There's more to come! :-)

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