Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New year comes with new goals

Lots of things I'm trying to shoot for this year that are new for me. It's the beginning of a new way of thinking and living. I'm trying to find my way and am a bit late in getting started but I'm not letting that worry me. Just looking at the NOW and future to see how I can make steps of progress for me and my son.
I hope my road test will be booked soon (this month) as I've been waiting to take it and my driving instructor keeps giving me the round about and is now saying the only opening is for March 2nd. I'm a bit frustrated as I thought I'd be driving by now.

I am looking into getting a car and need lots of help and advice on this one. Don't really have a lot of money to work with. Need something small and in good condition so it won't brake on me.

I'm very thankful that last month I was able to find a job within a week,working at a daycare! It's a new experience and I'm learning lots. I hope that in some way this will help me get ahead.

I am also considering the option of getting a ECE teachers certification. Just doing the research now and hope that I can find the right thing to plug into. I have more things on my mind and on my plate but right now it's off to bed. Pretty tired as I'm working with the kiddos again tomorrow.

But lastly before I take off, could you keep my health in your prayers as I need to be functioning 100% to do this job, be a good mom, work with the teens in my city, find a car and pay bills. Its the story of everyone's life I know... but I let it get to me sometimes and that's not good. I read up about, not stressing the small stuff (0r big) Laugh more, relax etc. And I do try.... but it seems like I'm picking myself up more then I am at staying up. I wish I could be those people that you read about who, when they put their mind to something they just do it no matter what, they have such self discipline and motivation to actually make they're dreams a reality. I want and need to be like that and be happy too! :-)

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Christina said...

Good luck with everything Marieanne, I know its hard starting out on your own but you can do it! If I could you can, I have so much faith in you. I will keep you in my prayers.