Wednesday, March 10, 2010

40 days 40 nights

I'm here to embark on a 40 days change of my diet and in the hopes of making it a life time commitment. The first year when I got Crohn's my dear wonderful mother went through every naturopathic book and remedy to help me overcome this illness the natural way. God bless her heart! And during that time she came across this amazing book by Jordan Rubin called "The Maker's Diet" in which he states that he got struck with Crohn's at the age of 19. Got bedridden just like I did and went to see every doctor and tried every "miracle" drug he no avail! Till he found his answer in the Bible, with that creating the 40 days diet to a better life.
I tried it before and felt a huge difference in my body and I want to again clean my insides from all the toxins and poisons that is in our foods today. With the support of you my dear friends and family I think I can make this wish a reality! Whoever knows me can attest that I am not one that is strong in will-power when it comes to food! I love food in all it's shapes and forms, so to take on a challenge like this and eliminate things that I love and enjoy will be no easy task! But by making it know to everyone I pray this will help give me the incentive to complete the task. I will try to publish more in the days to come about this diet and all that it entails, I hope you find it interesting and maybe even helpful to you if you wish to try it at some point. I know that if I can make it... you can too! So here's so a new start to eating and living healthier!


Christina said...

Good luck with that Marieanne, thats a big challenge you're undertaking. I hope you stick with it. Love you lots.

John and Mireille said...

wow honey! I'm proud of you,
This diet is good for anyone who wants to clean their inside.

Well I will certainly keep you in my prayers as it is hard for anyone to change habits, I think especially eating habits.
I love you honey and I know you will do well

Anonymous said...

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John and Mireille said...

God can do anything but fail!

and you are pretty good too!

I am sure you will do great!

Love and prayers

Jaydee and Terri said...

Good for you. Food is hard for me to resist too so I know how hard it must be for you. I will be praying for you to stay faithful. Terri