Tuesday, June 06, 2006

BBQ with friends

Yesterday James and Angela (a couple that lives near by, and when I say "near by" I mean a 2 hour drive!) invited us for a bbq by the lake....so we packed up and headed off. It was a quick flash back of the good old days when driving cross country with dad, mom and all 8 kids in the old suburban. Kids talking, arguing, entertaining themselves by making weird noises and sounds. And of course lets not forget the "oldies" station where everyone joins in in singing "In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight.
Good times. So 2 hours later we arrive at the State park where the kids have a wonderful time fishing, riding in a paddle boat,playing tag, eating to their little hearts content and even playing with a snapping turtle that one of the guys caught. It was fun all around, and a tasty BBQ. It was nice to see our "in-laws" Lily, Stephanie, Mike, Kathy and the two youngest kids (sorry I don't remember your names) Silas couldn't come because of work. But over all it was a great day and something I hope we can do more often.
Here's a few pictures for you to enjoy.


Michelle Lavigne said...

HA, I remember those days...awww, so many memories down memory lane.

Sounds and looks like fun, wish I was there.

Anonymous said...

Tara and Joey. ;)

Glad to see you blogging Marianne. I hope you're feeling better.