Thursday, June 08, 2006

Check out the "Do"

Devin's hair is getting so long it gets in his eyes, so today I pulled it up it a half ponytail. Thought it looked kinda snazzy. I do need to do something with it I'll take a poll....TO cut or not to cut...that is the question! Let me know what you think!


Michelle Lavigne said...

DON'T CUT IT!!!!!!!!!

MarieAnne said...

hee hee...ok! I do like his curls, but there hard to take care of.

Business 250 Group Alpha Project said...

I'd say, experiment with a trim first. You do want to simplify. and that way you may get a better idea whether to cut or not. I know when my son was younger I had the same dilema. Then again, they stay little for such a short time. Soon he will be making those decisions for himself. Love ya!