Thursday, June 08, 2006

The loss of a tooth

Devin showing off his missing tooth

Today Devin lost his first tooth, well it's the second one that's fallen out, the first one was an accident that happened in November last year when Devin was trying to take apart two pieces of lego that were stuck together using his teeth. Needless to say his tooth came out before the lego pieces came apart...Ouch!
His second tooth had been loose for a few weeks and tonight it really looked like it would fall out any minute,so me not having the heart to deal with a situation like that turned to Mike for help, he in turn looked at Devin calmly and said "hold still" and reached in and pulled the tooth out(such a dad).....much to the shock of Devin who was ok at first but when seeing some blood freaks out, runs to the bathroom crying. We get some cotton for him to stop the bleeding and hold him close,telling him everything will be ok. He was fine after that and agreed to "pose" for some pictures. ha! He's not very brave when it comes to blood...poor guy!

Say "cheese"

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Michelle Lavigne said...

MY LOVE!!! Oh he is SO cute! What a darling. I love those pictures...hehe. Give him a BIG kiss for me!