Thursday, July 13, 2006

All grown up

Yes time does fly, seems like just yesterday Devin was this little ball of pudge, so small and helpless.....

Now he's all grown up and finished K-5!  He got his little diploma for finishing his school. He's very excited to be moving on to 1st grade in September. My mom took them the kids to Chucky Cheese as their "end of school" party, Thanks mom! Everyone is ready for summer break.

I'm still planning on doing some things with Devin during summer and thankfully Devin is loving his new "summer school". Lots of arts and crafts, games, music, outtings, and a fun educational website I got from my mom that is just perfect for kids ages 5 to 9. You should check it out at if you've got kids. Devin loves it and it's helping him keep up with his reading.

* Learned to read
*Knows all about the calander, days of the week, months of the year etc.
*Know the four seasons
* Five senses
*Four food groups
*7 days of creation
* Add and subtract numbers up to 5
* Counts and recognizes numbers 1- 100
* Christopher Columbus discovers America
* 2 American Presidants: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
*Plants and animals
Etc, etc, etc and the list goes on. Needless to say I'm proud to have such a smart boy.


Xact Claims Services said...

I've been visitnig yer blog every now and then and I just wanted to say that you've got the cutest little boy, aaahhhh...those curls! adorable!!!!

Such lucky parents.

Anonymous said...

yeah, he's such a smart boy! and I just love him to pieces!

MarieAnne said...

Hey Joan, thanks for visiting my blog...and commenting!!! No one ever seems to comment on here...hmmm oh well!

And Tat, Devin loves you too!

Anonymous said...

how old is he now? I have a 5 1/2 year old that hasn't yet finished k4 yet. So that is cool.

MarieAnne said...

Devin's 5 now and will be six in September. He started K-4 when he was 4 and K-5 when he was five. So he should be going on to 1st grade when he turns 6.
By the way don't be anonymous, go ahead and say your name, it's nice to know who your talking to.

Anonymous said...

oh yes he is my sweetey pie i miss teaching him it was fun

Maria said...

So cool! It's wonderful to see your kid's accomplishments, they're yours too! It's always encouraging to see other moms at it!