Sunday, July 09, 2006

This and that

Ahhh me, I've been a little weary of posting something new, not much going on and the heat I fear has somewhat fried my poor brain. It's so very hot, makes ones day dreary. 

Good news.... I'll be visiting my dad in Canada on the 24th for a "family reunion".  It'll be nice to see my other brother and sister that I haven't seen it awhile. Weather should be nice, get some time to relax, swim, see my sister Michelle!She's going to! Till then I will grin and bear the heat here and hope for cooler days.

On another note:

Miss all my friends.... Your in my thoughts always and I wish I could visit each one of you.
I love you so much and am thankful to have you for a friend! xoxox


Michelle Lavigne said...

Are we both going on the 24th or just you? I thought I was going on the 28th...hmm, I should look at my ticket.

Yes, the heat has been GROSS...but PTL, makes for good rising above testing grounds. :D

Can't wait to see you!

MarieAnne said...

Yeah Dad said he booked our tickets for the 24th, the reunion is on the 28th, we should be leaving the 30th.

Charlock said...

Please please please give Kris and Anthony a hug for me! I miss them.

MarieAnne said...

hey Heidi, will do! We miss you too! xoxox