Wednesday, September 13, 2006

school stuff

I've been teaching Devin in our living room for awhile until recently we got a new school desk for him....yeay! He really like it and it seems to inspire him to have more fun doing his school. Although he does get frustrated with the writing he has to do. He's a very good reader but when it comes to writing sentences, he lacks that inspiration. It's funny, sometimes he'll start yawning saying he's tired and then he begins to stretch his hands and fingers after very line he writes, which actually is something I taught him, just not after every line he writes though ha!
So I came up with a reward system, where after he finishes one page of writing without yawning and making excuses, he can then go over to this picture board of a park and place a person or animal on it. This has helped improve his work and he goes much faster so he can place something on the board.
He's doing very well in his reading and has finished 7 "Tommy & Meg" readers already. I'm so thankful it's going well. I love that little guy!

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