Friday, September 15, 2006

Hard at work

Mike does a lot of work around the yard and I always manage to miss it as I'm in the house teaching. So the last few days I snuck out with camera in hand to get some shots of him at work... he won't like this one bit. 

Here's our new truck we got from a friend.

Zech, Mike and Andre spent an afternoon, tuning, cleaning and repairing it.

Yes, we have a boat on our property, not ours but it's here for now. And there's Mike working on digging a *leach line.
(*is that how you spell it?)

Hard work out in the hot sun!


Michelle Lavigne said...

Holy Cow, Mike dug that whole thing with that little shovel???

Way to go Mike!!

Xact Claims Services said...

"check out the arms...WHOA!" hahaha, thats cute.