Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mom's got super powers!

Do you remember as a kid wondering how your mom knew the things you were doing even when she wasn't in the room? Llike when you'd be getting into something or doing a naughty deed and all of a sudden you'd hear her say from the other room "Hunny, don't do that" or "Get out of that"! Man....how did she know what I'm doing? Does she have super sight or something?
Well it's funny now to be on the other side of that situation, like when I notice Devin in the bathroom brushing his teeth and he gets real quiet I know that he's putting the tube in his mouth, which I 've caught him doing at times. So from the livingroom I'll say "Devin don't put the tube in your mouth!" Or like the other day when I had to use the bathroom which is right next to my bedroom and the walls in our house are very thin and you can hear everything that goes on in the next room. I hear Devin pick up my back massager, turn it on and start giggling. So then I say through the wall "Devin, please turn off and put down mommy's massager!" All is quiet and as I enter my bedroom I find Devin starring at me with a puzzled look and asks "Mommy...you can see through walls?"

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