Sunday, November 11, 2007


Here's a few pictures I promised you. The first ones are from a night BBQ we had for Davida who left the area just as I got here, I didn't get to know her so well but she seemed like a sweetheart. She's the last one on the right with the beautiful smile!
The other ones of us ladies are from Gabe and Ali's going away party!

Laila, Abi, Alison and me


Kelsey Noble said...

Wow!..................Marieanne! You look so good!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you Kelsey!

b said...

you look so beautiful marieanne!!! how are you doing ?? love you tons and im praying for you. give my love to mike and devin..XOXO

Victoria said...

Marieanne, you look really good! I am praying for you everyday, and I'm so happy you are doing better. Love you