Saturday, November 03, 2007

So little time

There's been a lot going on here that I'd love to blog about but don't have the time to.
Here are some of the highlights:
*Mike and Devin arrived safe and sound
*Been busy unpacking and getting them settled in
*Had a good bye party for Gabe and Alison
*Went out for a Thai dinner with some old friends
*Had a big Sushi dinner with other friends in the area.
I know there were pictures taken so I will do my best to locate some to post for you all.

My health has been making steady progress. I've now gained 20 lbs. since I've moved up here and am hoping for another 20 by New years. It's so wonderful to be up and around, taking care of Devin and living life again. Being sick and in bed for so long sure makes you thankful for all the little things in life that you other wise maybe would not have notice. I still feel weak and go at a slower pace then most but I'm happy with what I can do.
Please do continue to pray for my strength and that I can stick to my diet and gain weight that I need. Love you xoxo


Kelsey Noble said...

Wow you sound like you are doing so much better. Are you the healthiest you have been since being sick? 20lb!?!?! Wow E! That's really good. We are praying for you. I love and miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful to hear!
We will continue to pray that you reach your goal.
Love you so much!

John and Mireille said...

God bless you honey,
we are praying for you and for your total healing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart. Its good to hear that you are up and around. We love you. Do you still need money to set up? Let me know.xoxoxo
My email is

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna,
Love you too and miss you! I'll write you sometime so we can catch up. SO happy to hear about the new little one your carrying, that's so exciting! Take care xoxo