Sunday, January 06, 2008

Forward progress

Another year has come and gone and I'm looking forward to this one. I'm so thankful for my health and to be busy with teaching again. I feel like there's so much I want to do and things I want to work towards I can get a little ahead of myself, I'm already deep cleaning and organizing my room, getting things set up for a new school year with Devin and thinking about the needed changes in my life. But one thing I have learned during my times of sickness is patience. I just pray I can keep that mindset as I head into this year and not try to do to much on my own as I know it won't get me anywhere and I'll just end up collapsing. I sure am looking forward to seeing all the changes that will come.
Well, I'm hoping to start school next week but I have to go to the hospital tomorrow morning for another blood transfusion.(This is the third one in 5 months) Please pray that my red cell blood count goes up and stabilizes so that I don't have to have another one. Thank you so much!


John and Mireille said...

I'm praying for you honey, God bless you and I am also praying for your new year in HIs service to find joy and happiness and challenges. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks mom, love you too!